Barceloneta is the neighbourhood of Barcelona we call home, and it is a neighbourhood with a story. A story that takes us through the early fish trade, political oppression after the war of the Spanish succession, industrial times with factories and trains, and finally the more romantic period of bath houses, sea side restaurants and sportsmanship.


Barceloneta means “little Barcelona”, a name given due to it’s location outside of the city walls. It is exactly this location between the city, the railway track, the harbour and the sea, has determined much of it’s character and history. Our building used to be a factory for mannequins, and in the thirties you could find traditional bath houses right in front of our terrace where men and women would bathe separately. These eventually made way for typical “merenderos”, open air restaurants, where people would eat with their feet in the sand, which would make way for the eventual Olympic Games of 1992.


Inspired by this rugged past of bathers, workers, and fishermen, we offer you a taste of the past with a touch of today.



Our food is a mix of traditional dishes from Spain and Catalonia. Those dishes that have been around in Barceloneta, since people still wore one piece bathing suits. We work with seasonal ingredients, that we try to buy as local as possible.


We have tapas for a casual bite, and starters & mains for a more formal meal. And the menu wouldn’t be complete with a nice selection of typical rice dishes. Please check our menu’s with the links below.






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